Flashcut Easy

The ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting Table, 222 & 888 Series, are the ideal dieless cutting solution for companies that manufacture footwear & leather goods, electronic gaskets, adhesive materials (3M preferred Converters), foams, silicone rubbers and similar products.

Flashcut Easy | 222

Flashcut Easy | 888

Flashcut Easy | 888 M25

Flashcut Easy | 888 L30

Flashcut Easy | 888 L35

Compact, solid, reliable, economic but without compromises, the Flashcut 222 & 888 series are the new standard for knife cutting tables for the future. In the 1970’s, the “classic” ATOM G222 and G888 became popular as references for swing-beam clickers and traveling head presses used in the shoe and leather goods factories all of the world. Today, thanks to over 65 years of experience and more than 250,000 cutting machines sold worldwide, ATOM presents the Knife Cutting Table Flashcut 222/888, “Innovation in Tradition”.

The ease of use, compact design and the possibility to import the shapes from any CAD system make the 222 and 888 series particularly suitable for any sample departments, small-medium converting operations & laboratories that need to rapidly produce samples & prototypes or short-medium production runs.

The ATOM Flashcut 888 M25 and L30 models are the ideal solutions for the production of footwear, leather goods, EMI shielding, gasket materials, felt, foam, silicone rubber, adhesive laminates and any material in sheet form under 1M in width. The inclined cutting surface allows for optimal operator visibility while using the interactive nesting feature and all of the operations can be performed from the front of the machine thus limiting operator fatigue. Two working areas maximize machine and operator time so while the machine is cutting on one ½ of the table, the operator can collect cut parts, deploy a material and prepare the layout on the other ½ of the machine.

The ATOM Flashcut 222/888 Series Oscillating Knife Cutting Tables share the main features of the Flashcut family:

  • Five Tool (Multi-Tool) Cutting Head
  • Robustness of structure
  • Two independent working areas (888 Models Only)
  • Extremely Precise (Positioning Tolerance +/- 0.1mm)
  • Punching speeds of 220 holes per minute
  • Cutting speeds of 80 meters per minute
  • Highly visible overhead projection system
  • Smart partitioned vacuum system
  • High planarity of cutting surface
  • Powerful, flexible & simple to use control software
  • Automatic, interactive or mixed nesting system
  • Enhanced operator safety (CE Approved)

The flexibility and versatility of the ATOM Flashcut 222/888 series open a wide range of cutting options in several industries. These knife cutting tables can successfully cut or kiss-cut a wide range of soft & semi-rigid materials with exceptional results.

ATOM Flashcut EASY Series model L30 Brochure
ATOM Flashcut EASY Series Model L35 Brochure
ATOM Flashcut EASY Series Models 222 & 888 Brochure