Welcome to ATOM Flashcut Knife Cutting

ATOM Spa (Vigevano, IT), is a world leader in the engineering and manufacturing of dieless knife cutting tables and systems for the cutting of soft and semi-rigid materials. The ATOM Flashcut knife cutting system represents the company’s capacity to capture the latest INNOVATIONS in the market – from footwear and leather goods to the various industrial fields like gaskets and composites – introducing TECHNOLOGY in its products to guarantee quality, reliability and performance. Sixty five years of HISTORY and more than 200,000 machines operating worldwide are universal bywords of reliability and unquestionable success for the ATOM brand. The internal technological division, ATOM ENGINEERING, - which includes the mechanical, electronic and software departments – is one of the key factors of ATOM success and is in charge of studying and developing new products following the requests of the market.

The ATOM Flashcut Dieelss Knife Cutting System is a complete line-up of oscillating knife cutting tables, available in several models with either a Static (S Series), Inclined (888 Series) or Belt Fed (B Series) cutting surface with sizes up to 6.100mm x 2.600mm (able to support 2 full bovine hides at the same time.) The ATOM knife cutting table is a result of 65+ years’ experience in the cutting field, experience collected by following our customers and paying detailed attention to their feedback and actual cutting needs.

The possibility to add over-head digital cameras for material contour recognition, projectors to visualize the cutting layout & assisted parts collection & the powerful yet easy to use control software with the cutting edge automatic + interactive nesting software are key components to the Flashcuts points of strength, making it the ideal cutting solution for a variety of industries processing diverse amounts of synthetic material.