ATOM SpA – Vigevano, ITALY

Atom's production of cutting machines began in 1946, initially designed to support the cutting needs of companies in the Vigevano footwear district. The company was founded by three young entrepreneurs: Luciano Deambrosis, Lorenzo Gaia & Elmilliano Cantella and in nearly 70 years, produced and sold more than 250,000 machines globally.

Their first products were specialized in the cutting of leather hides and it was challenging to use them for cutting materials with different properties. Over the years, they differentiated their production and versatility of their cutting systems to meet the demands of diversified market sectors. Atom's commitment in providing cutting solutions for an ever growing number of industries drove their engineers to design machinery able to cut a variety of materials. Products which throughout the years, as a result of continued investment in research and development, moved from the consolidated die cutting presses to the recent prestigious automatic oscillating knife cutting systems - FLASHCUT.

The ATOM FLASHCUT dieless knife cutting table represents the company’s capacity to capture the latest innovations in the market and developed a cutting-edge technology applied to numerous sectors & adapting to all industrial processes that include cutting non-metallic materials: rubbers & plastics, composites & textiles, footwear & leather goods, packaging, gaskets, sports accessories, automotive, medical & visual communication.


ATOM Engineering - The Technological HEART of ATOM

ATOM Engineering is the technical division of ATOM SpA, which studies the development of new products and new technologies to be introduced on the market, according to the specific needs of their target sectors. ATOM Engineering follows the market, so the design and development of these new technologies, specific to the industry, are one of the key success factors of ATOM in the world.

ATOM LAB – Cross Process & Integration Competence

The mission of the ATOM LAB is to support the ATOM Group customers in product & process innovation projects in the specific domains of cutting, outsole and whole shoe injection molding technologies and, more in general, along the entire shoe manufacturing pipeline. ATOM Lab also works as an advanced research team for the companies of the Group, through a network of cooperation with the most important Universities in northern Italy and abroad and to consolidated partnerships with the most active and dynamic shoe technology suppliers.

Our multidisciplinary team and the modern infrastructures allow us to tackle in an innovative way projects together with our partners that span through all phases of the shoe manufacturing process, with a focus on topics that go from new automation concepts to advanced robotics, from process managing and handling software to vision systems, from RFID technologies to new man-machine interfaces, from additive manufacturing (3D printing) to the emerging paradigm of Internet of Machines, digital manufacturing and intelligent factories.

ATOM Lab is also a laboratory to experiment new scheme of business relationships between users and technology providers aimed at the delivery of a whole range of advanced services that include, as an example, “joint innovation management”. But, more than anything else, it’s the workshop where new ideas about shoes and their manufacturing process are born and nurtured.

Manufacturers Supplies Company

ATOM’s Authorized North American representative for over 50 years, specializes in the complete sales & service of precision cutting & converting technologies for a wide variety of industrial sectors. Headquartered in St. Louis, MO since 1907, with strategic sales & service locations throughout North America, Manufacturers Supplies Company offers a comprehensive range of precision cutting & converting technologies, placing great emphasis on application development, training & after sales support.

After nearly 40 years of collaboration, ATOM SpA and MSC joined forces in 2006 to further develop and expand the North American market for industrial applications. This joint venture, ATOM USA, represents the common vehicle of collaboration for servicing the industrial market, giving their customers the opportunity to leverage on the direct presence of ATOM side by side with Manufacturers Supplies Company in the North American territory.