ATOM Flashcut Technology

The ATOM Advanced Nesting software and acquisition systems are surely key factors of the ATOM dieless cutting solution. Actually, it completes the cutting system, optimizing material yields and dramatically reducing the overall time for placing the shapes to be processed. Since this is a crucial feature to any dieless cutting system, ATOM developed a series of digitizing & acquisition systems coupled with unique software packages each capable of nesting shapes for a variety of market sectors.







ATOM IntelliScanner – Digital Vision System: The ATOM IntelliScanner automatically acquires & corrects pre-cut components to export data in ATOM format ready to be cut or in DXF format to be imported in any CAD system.

ATOM IntelliView – Off-Line Acquisition & Nesting Module: The ATOM IntelliView combines efficient & user friendly control software with the latest hardware to ensure rapid & optimal positioning of the pieces to be cut on an entire batch of leather hides.

ATOM IntelliVision – Scanning Acquisition System & Nesting Module: After being marked with predefined signs and symbols, the leather is positioned on the scanning table where the linear scanner runs through the entire table taking the leather outline and its qualitative characteristics.

ATOM Automatic Nesting Software: ATOM offers a variety of nesting solutions designed for a variety of materials an